Project Overview

Get the data you need for grant proposals, or explore gene function for gene candidates for disease, development, or drug target validation here.


Genes in pipeline 209
Genes passing ES cell QC 185
Genes with GLT 133
Genes in cohort production 122
Genes in phenotyping 4
Genes completed phenotyping 149
NorCOMM2 contributes to an International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium that will functionally annotate all 20,000 genes of the mammalian genome in the next 10 years (more info). NorCOMM2 will generate and phenotype 150 new knock-out mouse lines at TCP over three years to identify gene function and new models of human disease (see the pipeline). We aim to do genes for which Canadian scientists want mouse lines and data. We prioritize genes for mouse line production & phenotyping that:

  • Are nominated by Canadian scientists
  • Have no published existing knock-out
  • Have not been phenotyped by another centre in the Consortium
  • Have ES cell line(s) available from the International Knockout Mouse Consortium
  • Are relatively unannotated

Genes can be nominated here and the status of genes in our pipeline can be found on our Gene List page.